The first course in the Mamademics Academy launched in 2016. A year after its release Raising an Advocate 101 has been purchased by over 150 people. The initial facilitated course became so popular that I had to create a self-paced version. While I no longer facilitate the courses online due to time constraints, I still wanted a way to connect with those taking the course and joining me on this journey of advocacy.

Raising an Advocate: The Community on Facebook has become that space and almost a year into its birth I’ve realized that it’s time to take it to the next level. As of June 2017, RaA: The Community is now a members-only platform. You can find out more about the membership perks and sign up here – Membership Plans

Current Course and Curriculum Offerings 

Raising an Advocate 101: Exposing the Three Ps – Privilege, Prejudice, and Pride

A self-paced three-week online course that will push you past your comfort zone while helping you confront what’s holding you back from having the hard conversations around social justice issues. This course can be bundled with membership access to the private FB community.

Black History is American History Curriculum (ages 6 and under)

A mini monthly curriculum that teaches children (and their parents) about Black History all year long. The 2017 curriculum is geared towards children 6 and under. Each month, parents will receive a 10-15 page pdf download that includes a vocabulary list, reading lists, 3-4 activities, and a parental guidance section.

Intersectional Feminism 101 (open for pre-registration) Fully Launches July 2017

Still don’t know what intersectionality really means? Are you struggling with the idea of intersectional feminism?

This self-paced course will demystify intersectional feminism by taking you through five different modules. Each module breaks down intersectional feminism into small pieces through readings, videos, journal prompts and interactive activities. You will leave this course with a better understanding of your own identities and the role they play in your understanding of feminism.

Future Course and Curriculum Offerings

Raising an Advocate 102: Using Your Seat At The Table – Being An Advocate At Work

Raising an Advocate 201: Beyond Privilege, Prejudice, and Pride 

Black Revolutionaries: From Malcolm X to Assata Shakur – The Activists They Didn’t Tell You About In School 

Black History is American History Curriculum (ages 7-12) Pre-Registration Opens November 2017 and it Launches January 2018

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